Deine Geburtstagsfeier mit Elbklang

Sure, you could just make a great playlist or ask a friend to hang up with you. But does that really fit into such an important day?
The Elbklang team would like to make your celebration something special and we rely on all our experience, passion and enthusiasm. Not a Spotify list that suddenly breaks off and the party mood changes or an acquaintance who used to play the guitar.
Everything runs smoothly with Elbklang – from the beginning we are there for you, discussing the music, your wishes, processes, the premises etc. In addition to reliability and punctuality, it is very important to us that our team is flexible and open at the event and good communication beforehand by email and phone.
We want you to have a great evening with your guests with lasting memories that you will talk about afterwards. Because one thing is certain, special celebrations and parties will be remembered!

Relaxed music for reception and food

With Elbklang, the reception of your celebration becomes areal highlight. Upon request, we perform for you with saxophone, guitar, piano or vocals and pamper your ears with relaxed live lounge music. Ouracoustic bands fit wonderfully into the action and musically conjure up the first smile of the evening on your guests’ faces.

Die Partygarantie mit der DJ Plus Live Band

The DJ has a very important part in a celebration. With his experience, he brings together the individual musical taste of generations, so that everyone will celebrate and dance together. Our DJs are very familiar with it and you can expect a perfect mix with smooth transitions between decades and styles.

With the DJ Plus Live Combo, a party gets incredibly impressive live elements that are captivating and animating. A DJ remains static behind his desk, whereby we play live with your guests with saxophone, vocals or percussion and thus make every party stand out. The technology for this can be kept small and compact and depends entirely on whether you are celebrating in a location, in a restaurant or at home. We are happy to take care of everything, talk about your wishes in advance so that you can then fully devote yourself to your guests and your celebration.

Die Partygarantie mit der DJ Plus Live Band

Your wedding party with the sound of the Elbe

One of the very special days in your life lies ahead of you. A festival that you would like to remember for a long time. You have probably already got plenty of information or are you planning everything exactly? We could tell you a lot about wedding celebrations since we have been able to attend several hundred weddings since 2001. And yet, every wedding is different, needs something special at a specific moment. In addition to a great DJ, this can also be a great singer for the wedding ceremony. An acoustic band playing for your reception outside on the terrace, a nice live piano during the meal or the saxophonist who suddenly creates a mood between the guests on the dance floor during the party. We talk to you beforehand about your wishes and ideas so that it will be your very special day!

We talk to you beforehand about your wishes and ideas so that it will be your very special day!

The DJs in the Elbklang team are all experienced all-rounders who simply enjoy bringing together different styles of music and wishes. Perfect transitions and spontaneity are just as important to us as reliability and a friendly demeanor. We have a huge selection of songs right at the start of the 70s, 80s, 90s, current charts, dance classics and sometimes a classic waltz or disco fox for relatives. We are always open to your music requests before or during the celebration. Just send us a list of songs or genres you like. Thanks to the Internet, Spotify, Youtube, we fulfill even the most spontaneous wishes and celebrate with you until the clouds are purple again!

Accompanying the ceremony

For you and for us, the wedding ceremony is one of the most beautiful and emotional moments of your party. Our singers love to touch you and your guests with the music and thus ensure unforgettable moments. Whether in the church, at the registry office or at a secular wedding. Whether in the church, at the registry office or at a secular wedding.

Music for reception, drinking coffee and eating

You can enjoy the reception of your guests with one of our lounge bands (guitar, saxophone, double bass). We can flexibly set up anywhere and play for you acoustically on the terrace, on the beach or after the ceremony in the castle garden. The live music brings a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere to your celebration right at the beginning and everyone can have a great time talking and getting to know each other.
For dinner, we would like to pamper your ears in style with soft piano sounds from film music to jazz ballads. Our pianists are happy to play your favorite songs or support musical lectures by your guests. You can of course also opt for relaxed lounge music from the DJ, which will also fit wonderfully.

Your party with DJ Plus Live Acts

The food, speeches and games are over and your party can finally start! Theopening dance is moderated by the DJ and we are happy to play live with saxophone or vocals for you. This is guaranteed to be a uniquely beautiful moment!
Afterwards we will transform the dance floor into a stage with ourlive sets with saxophone, vocals and percussion and heat you and your guests properly. Everyone in the Elbklang team would now like to show what they are made of and celebrate a mega party with you! Our DJs support the live acts in the background and then ensure with perfect transitions and the right song selection that the dance floor remains full. Your music wishes will be there in any case and so you can fully engage with your guests and the party. We will be there for you until the end and step on the gas!

Our all-round wedding carefree package for you:

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