ELBKLANG connects experienced event DJs for you with energetic instrumentalists and singers to a perfect DJ Plus Live Mix and the result will simply inspire you. Since 2007, the concept has proven itself at all types of ELBKLANG events and ensured full dance floors. We guarantee you an exuberant party atmosphere and unique live moments.

Our DJs see themselves first as a service provider, but without denying their feeling and feeling for the music. They all love the moment to play the right song at the right time and make the party take off. Perfect transitions are just as natural as an open ear for guests’ music requests. 

Elbklang DJs are all set to play with musicians. There are no ready-made playlists with a little saxophone above them, but real coordinated performances!
Our live instrumentalists give everything at their performances and like to perform in the middle of the audience on the dance floor, creating an unforgettable live feeling! The music is simply experienced directly, closely and intensively.

Solo DJ

Our selected DJs are masters of their field and all have years of experience as event DJs. Dance classics, current hits and your desired songs combine to create a unique mix with perfect transitions and the right song at the right time. With us there are no ego trips at the DJ desk, only DJs who are passionate and attentive to the audience. The motto: Enjoy, dance and celebrate!

2er combo - DJ Plus saxophone or singer

The 2 combo combines the perfect DJ mix with live elements and is therefore the ideal cast for every event, even on a budget. The saxophonist who plays live on the dance floor among the dancing guests, the soul singer who really heats up the party with her voice. It is these special live acts that become highlights of the celebration and are simply remembered for a long time.


3er combo - DJ Plus saxophone & singer

The 3-piece combo consisting of DJ, saxophonist and singer convinces with its power and versatility and guarantees unforgettable live moments. It fits perfectly to private and Company celebrations and has already proven itself at hundreds of events. Rich beats mix with spectacular saxophone sounds and a voice full of soul and energy. Now nobody is sitting on the seats and the dance floor becomes a stage! Let´s Rock the Party!


4er combo - DJ Plus saxophone, singer & percussion or singer

The fusion of three first-class musicians and groovy DJ mixes immediately leads to a mega party atmosphere. The extensive repertoire, the energetic vocal parts and the great conga grooves guarantee a convincing show highlight. This makes the 4-seater combo the ideal cast for private celebrations and company events and leaves many impressive and emotional experiences!

5er & 6er Combo
DJ Plus, saxophone, singer, PerCUSSION & two instruments of your choice (singer, trumpet, violin)

With the 5 and 6 combo, ELBKLANG gets more and more the character of the band and in addition to the saxophone, singer and percussion, further shows add to the whole performance. At events with an extensive program, the band can adapt perfectly to the different sections with its huge repertoire and possibilities. Whether acoustic lounge accompaniment to reception or dinner, as a walking act or as a party band for the evening program. With this combo, we provide first-class entertainment that covers the entire spectrum of an event with its flexibility in show elements, party and lounge.

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